We advocate that all businesses should be businesses for good.

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About Mad Genius Studios

Mad Genius Studios is a budding B Corp with the lofty aspiration to advocate that all businesses become B Corps, aka businesses committed to supporting social and environmental issues.

The idea began forming in December 2017, one of my dear friends bought me this Daffy Duck “Mad Genius” coffee mug, and I loved the phrase so much that it sparked me to purchase MadGeniusStudios.com. A few weeks later, after a #4DaySprint where I brainstormed non-stop about what I wanted Mad Genius Studios to stand for and what impact it could make in the world, I landed on the fact that the greatest asset any human has is their big, beautiful brain because we are ALL mad geniuses--we just need the time, space, and inspiration to let it out!

Which led me to thinking about creating studios all over the world where people can create, collaborate, and have a BLAST while dreaming up their next big thing or showcasing their amazing talent through carefully curated events. The possibilities of the types of events we can hold are ENDLESS and I wake up every day excited to connect with a new mad genius who I can help shine a light on by creating magical spaces, the first being a converted caboose located in the breathtaking mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

And after five years of writing about the amazing entrepreneurs that call Western North Carolina home, I wanted to figure out a way to showcase their talents through live events of all sorts that are out of the ordinary, so if you have an event, retreat, workshop, demo, dinner, or some other cool event for under 100 people that demands a space with lots of charm and whimsy, please message me or email me at madgeniusstudios@gmail.com.

So what are you waiting for? Come be a mad genius with us!

About Shawndra Russell

Shawndra moved to Asheville in the fall of 2014 in part to be able to write about this amazing area of the country and all of the talented, innovative, and inspiring entrepreneurs that keep Asheville weird and wonderful. She’s been a full-time writer and digital consultant for ten years and has helped many small businesses start, grow, or explode their digital presences as was the case for her long-time food tour client who was recognized as being the 2nd-most booked food tour in the world in 2018.

Now, she’s focused on creating carefully curated events that allow artists and makers to shine in a unique setting with part of the proceeds for each event always going to a charity or cause. In between events, she contributes food, craft drinks, CBD, entertainment, and business articles for outlets like Capital at Play, Mountain Xpress, Explore Asheville,VisitNC, Craftbeer.com, and BeerAdvocate. She also leads digital bootcamps for breweries and other small businesses as well as workshops, panels, and curating in-person #4DaySprints and team building experiences.

To keep creativity flowing , Shawndra has dubbed 2019 a “year of intention” with the goal of intentionally spending her free time each week with #52hikes, #52concerts, and cooking #52recipes all new to her. Reading #52books and sewing #52items were also on the list, but those might be a little more impossible seeing that we’re almost halfway through the year and only 5 books down AND she still doesn’t know how to sew yet ;) You can find her on football Sundays cheering for the Browns (#SuperBowl2021) and playing volleyball. Follow along on these personal adventures at @ShawndraRussell on Instagram.

Here’s a quick and dirty tour of Mad Genius Studios, and we’re constantly working on updates with plans for an outdoor bathroom/shower/sauna, more tiny accommodations, and more magical touches. New-and-better-edited video coming soon!