Outdoor Yoga at the Candler Caboose

When we had our first yoga class at the caboose, it confirmed what I had suspected since I purchased the property over a year ago: the backyard is a magical place to do outdoor yoga. The giant trees, nature everywhere, mountains peeking out behind the tree-line… it all added up to a lovely experience that deserved to be shared. So, I quickly launched our Outdoor Yoga at the Caboose Wednesdays with the help of my darling friend and certified Asheville Community Yoga alum Jenn Bauer. I’ve also been scouring the interwebs for tiny home and other quirky options to help increase the number of indoor or glamping accommodations on-site so that our yoga retreats this fall can be immersive, grounding, and impactful.

We can’t wait to share all the details with you about our October retreat taking place October 4-7. This 3-night yoga retreat will have participants practicing outdoor yoga several times a day under the huge oak trees with mountaintop peaking out behind the limbs. A 1,200 sq. ft. rock terrace is our surface and adds an added element of feeling grounded to this big, beautiful planet we get to call home. In between sessions led by a selection of Asheville-certified yoga instructors, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of heart- and mind-opening activities including prompted journaling, guided meditations, on-site body treatments such as acupuncture, massage, Reiki, and more. In the evenings, guests will enjoy on-site live music one evening, an excursion to downtown Asheville or an outdoor movie night, and a 5-course farewell dinner. Limited to 20 participants with a discount for two spots purchased together since most of the tiny home indoor sleeping arrangements are suited for two people.

All meals included and will be vegetarian heavy and wine and champagne are included throughout your stay. We will also provide each attendee with a custom notebook and journal, handpicked book based on your goals and intake questionnaire, and our 52 weeks planner that will truly transform your life from day 1. We will also have guest speakers and other special moments built in throughout the weekend so that when you leave, you'll feel healthy, at peace, and ready to continue your journey toward Maslow's 5th level of needs, Self-Actualization, as his teachings will also be infused throughout this weekend experience that will help transform your life and your yoga practice in addition to attention being paid to the 7 chakras.

Other curated yoga retreats and experiences will be announced soon! Please follow us on Facebook or through our newsletter to stay up-to-date. All levels welcome and beginners encouraged!